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PerformHeure vision

PerformHeure wants to become the essential pillar of professional athletes and players agents success by offering them unparalleled support through four key centers.


By merging expertise and performance, we aspire to unlock their full potential by effectively managing their communication, administrative logistics, sponsorship partnerships and major event coordination.

Our ultimate goal is to allow athletes and agents to fully concentrate on their performance by minimizing external distractions, providing them with a competitive advantage on the field.

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Bannière PerformHeure


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Victor Muffat-Jeandet
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Optimize your performance:

PerformHeure, essential partner of professional athletes and player agents.

Welcome to PerformHeure, the essential partner to propel the careers of professional athletes and meet the specific needs of player agents. In a world where every moment counts, where performance is crucial and time is precious, our mission is to free athletes from non-sporting constraints to help them shine on the field.

Our company, PerformHeure, stands out for its range of premium concierge services, specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands of professional athletes and player agents. Adapted solutions for optimum performance:

We offer a range of specialized services divided into four fundamental pillars:

1.Strategic communication : Mastering the subtleties of the media, we shape a solid media image and develop innovative communication strategies to strengthen your notoriety.

2.Simplified logistics : Our team carefully plans your trips, manages your reservations and ensures smooth administration to free your mind from logistical hassles.

3.Personalized sponsorship : We help you find the ideal partnerships and efficiently manage your sponsorship contracts to financially support your career.

4.Exceptional events: Tailor-made events, at your request.

Concrete advantages for athletes and player agents:

By choosing PerformHeure, you save much more than time. You gain access to a dedicated partnership allowing you to fully concentrate on your exceptional performance. Our goal is to simplify your professional life by taking care of the non-sporting aspects, thus freeing you to excel in the field.

Ready to push your limits?

At PerformHeure, we understand the unique demands of the high-performance world of professional athletes and player agents. Our expertise, combined with our unwavering commitment, is ready to support your journey to excellence.

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