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Performheure communication center

Welcome to the heart of PerformHeure. Our Communications center is dedicated to propelling the careers of professional athletes and player agents to new heights by optimizing every aspect of their media presence. PerformHeure takes care of extra sports, free your mind. 

Management of social networks and your community 

Working closely with you to effectively manage your social networks. From strategic content planning to engaging with your audience, we ensure each post reinforces your image and engaged your fans. Creating an authentic connection with your audience is essential. Our dedicated team takes charge of managing your online community, cultivating a strong relationship between you and your supporters.

Social Media management
Creation of strategy Performheure

Development of a personalized strategy and creation of a newsletter in your image

Each athlete is unique, and so is our approach. We design tailor-made communication strategies, aligned with your objectives and values, to maximize the impact of your media presence. Stay in direct contact with your fans with engaging newsletters. We develop impactful and engaging content, transforming each submission into an exclusive experience for your audience.

Content creation and advice

The image you project is crucial. Our team of professionals will sort and retouch your photos to ensure a visual consistency optimal, thus reinforcing your visual identity. Content authentic creates an impact sustainable. We partner with you to generate quality content, from inspiring interviews to creative photo shoots.

Content creation PerformHeure
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