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Our sports concierge services

Everything you need to optimize your schedule.

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1 - Communication Center

These days, communication is of utmost importance, as you already know. We are here to support you in developing a strategy which reflects your identity and to support the management of your social networks. Of the creation to there touching, including setting up newsletters, free your mind: we take care of everything.

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2 - Logistics Center

PerformHeure is here to facilitate your daily by taking care of various tasks such as booking transport tickets, managing reservations of all kinds and providing logistical assistance. We are at your disposal to respond to all of your requests in order to lighten your calendar.

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3 - Sponsoring Center

PerformHeure also offers you dedicated support for management and to the negotiation with your sponsors. We take care of the entire process, from redesigning your brochure to finding partners, then managing the athlete-sponsor relationship.

4 - Event Center

If you are considering to enclose the season by an event to express your gratitude to your partners and your fans, PerformHeure takes care of the entire process: from the design of the event to the management and connection with service providers in our network, thus guaranteeing the success of this event.

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