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Performheure Logistic center

Welcome to the concierge service dedicated to excellence at PerformHeure, where every detail counts to ensure that our professional athletes can fully concentrate on their performance, both on and off the field. The logistics center, as an extra-sporting concierge service, is committed to simplifying and perfecting every aspect of logistics management, from booking transport tickets to general assistance with all administrative tasks.

Reservation management extra sports concierge service

The life of a professional athlete and player agent is punctuated by tight schedules and multiple obligations. The PerformHeure Logistics department, as a concierge service, excels in managing all necessary reservations. Our concierge service adapts to the dynamic agenda of high-level athletes and players' agents.

Reservations management
Strategy creation

General logistical assistance

The PerformHeure logistics team, your dedicated concierge service. We are here to simplify the lives of athletes and agents by taking care of all logistical tasks in general. Our commitment to logistics without a hitch allows athletes to fully concentrate on the essential – excelling in their discipline.

Administrative tasks

PerformHeure, as an extra-sporting concierge service, lightens the burden administrative which often accompanies the career of a professional athlete and player agent. From processing formalities to document management, our concierge team ensures that every administrative details is handled with precision and professionalism.

Administrative tasks
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