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Player agents PerformHeure offer


In the demanding world of professional sport, your role is essential.


At PerformHeure, we are there as partners, to lighten your load, free up your time and amplify your impact.

We know that your daily life is punctuated by a lot of concierge tasks.

At times, these obligations can distract you from priority items, like identifying new talent, negotiating contracts, and actively monitoring performance on the ground. By spending a significant amount of time on these tasks, you seriously risk stunting your business growth and jeopardizing your well-being.

Our goal is to collaborate together in order to unlock your full potential as well as that of your athletes. Our intention is not to disrupt your special relationships with them, but to sustain, to offer you more flexibility and contribute to the growth of your initiatives.

At PerformHeure, our vision converges with yours: the excellence and performance of your players.

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