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Performheure Sponsoring center

Welcome to the world of shared success at PerformHeure. Our sponsorship division's mission is to propel the careers of professional athletes by creating strategic partnerships, optimizing contracts and ensuring proactive management of relationships between athletes and their sponsors.

PerformHeure support

Performheure support

Personalized support is at the heart of our approach. We not only secure contracts, but also invest in the long-term development of the relationship between athletes and their sponsors. Our team ensures follow up constant, offering advice and adjustments to maximize the value of each partnership.

Contract management and negotiation

PerformHeure positions itself as a trusted partner in the management and negotiation of sponsorship contracts. Our dedicated team, with in-depth expertise, works to maximize THE financial opportunities and benefits for athletes. Each contract is carefully evaluated, negotiated and optimized to ensure a mutually beneficial collaboration.

Sponsor search and management

PerformHeure excels in the creation of impactful professional pads presentations that capture the attention of potential sponsors. We also undertake research targeted to identify the most suitable partners. A strong relationship between the athlete and their sponsors is the key to a successful partnership. We facilitate communication and ensure that each party gets the most out of this collaboration.

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