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Professional athlete PerformHeure offer


In the demanding world of high-level sport, your time and your performance are crucial assets.


At PerformHeure, we not only support you on the field, but we are committed to understanding and meeting your personal needs to unlock your maximum potential.

We recognize that behind every success on the field, there are personal challenges to overcome. Our team is committed to analyzing these challenges and offering tailor-made solutions with our four specialized centers.

  1. Analysis personalized needs: We identify your personal issues to better understand your specific concierge needs.

  2. Solutions adapted: We develop personalized solutions with our Strategic communication, Simplified logistics, Personalized sponsoring and Exceptional events centers.

  3. Optimization of your time: We are committed to freeing your schedule from non-sporting constraints, allowing you to concentrate fully on your job.

  4. Maximization of your performance: Our goal is to maximize your performance by taking care of logistical, administrative and other aspects, allowing you to shine on the field.

Within PerformHeure, every element is taken into consideration. We are here to support you, not only in your sporting journey, but also to manage personal aspects that could impact your performance.

Our commitment is to allow you to reach your full potential by offering you tailor-made solutions, freeing up your time so you can focus on what you do best: being an exceptional athlete.

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